Folded House

Type of project: Private invited competition, first place
Location: Djurö east of Stockholm
Type of building: Private villa
Size of building: 300 sqm
Year : 2007


Description: The project started out as a search for a geometrical principle which could shape the indoor and outdoor spaces in accord with the site’s special qualities as well as the client’s ambitions. The light, the view and the wind on the plot were the main parameters in the model studies that followed. The result was a structure that folds and unfolds in three dimensions. It unfolds the house towards the sun and view, while folding back in other parts, enclosing internal functions. The house sits back on the site, unfolded but still private. The back of the house lies close to the adjacent steep slope, creating an intimate outdoor space composed of rocks, water and wood. On the opposite side, the house embraces the outdoor patio, which includes an infinite pool, and overlooks the seaside cabin and the rocky waterfront below.

Additional design team members: Daniel Johansson, Ola Keijer. This project was developed during the  ’Arkitektstudio WRB’ era.
Images: Daniel Johansson