House Boat

Type of project: Concept sketch
Location: Almost anywhere on water near the coast.
Type of building: Private house on water
Size of building: 60 sqm
Year : 2003


This sketch was done as a concept sketch for floating villas in Ryssviken in central Stockholm, where a village of floating houses was planned. Since we had no control over where these houses were to be placed and in what relationship to each other we decided to design a building that could apply and adjust to various situations. The floating platforms were fixed in measure and we suggested a smaller building mass in water level to free outdoor space. On the upper floor private rooms were given private verandas that could be sealed off with sliding doors to protect from wind or raster walls to give privacy from neighbors. The same system of exterior sliding doors was used to open or close the glassed facades of the bedrooms. On the very top was an open lookout terrace with a fixed barbeque setup.