Kiew Dacha Ukraine

Type of project: Direct commission
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Type of building: Private villa
Size of building: 250 sqm


Description: The location for this project is a generous estate on a sandy and spectacular point along the Dnipro River just outside Kiev. The building will become home to the client’s mother and serve as a complement to his own house on another part of the site. Persistent winds from various directions called for a house that would offer shelter in many different directions. The site, built up entirely of sand, evoked the urge to shape the landscape, letting building and landscape meld together as one. Long walls serve as support for the sand, forming interior and exterior rooms. A large roof covers part of the structure, while the glass skin separates inside from outside.

Additional design team members: Daniel Johansson. This project was developed during our  ’Arkitektstudio WRB’ era.
Images: Daniel Johansson