Project ”Emils Backe”.






We wish the first signed buyers welcome to Emils Backe!!

Client and collaborator Erik Hedenstedt, ’Ekologiska Byggvaruhuset’. Construction of the first house, out of 26, starts this summer.

Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki at the Museum of Finnish Architecture






Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki will participate in ”Light Houses – Ung nordisk arkitektur”, a  presentation of contemporary Nordic architecture at the Museum of Finnish Architecture this summer – see us there!

Watch ”Villa Alba” on ”Lifestyle Europe/Euromaxx”

 ”Villa Alba” portrated in  German television.


”Rooms with a View

The modern Villa Alba outside Stockholm takes advantage of the rugged beauty of its natural surroundings. Rather than being cleared, the property was left largely untouched to create a harmonious blend of architecture, design and nature.”


Lifestyle Europe | Euromaxx | DW.DE

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