Court House

Type of project: Direct commission
Location: A lakefront property in Swedens central inland
Type of building: Private leisurehouse


A couple living in London were aiming to establish a base on home ground in Sweden. They had purchased a generous lake front property and the program called for a spacious building with plenty of room for family and friends. Important factors were also to establish outdoor areas with good microclimate and shelter from the wind without losing the magnificent view over the lake. As the house was to stand unused for extensive periods a wish to be able to close or seal the house off was also important.

Our suggestion for design was based on a complex around two court yards. The main yard, facing the lake, was suppressed into the complex giving it protection from the wind and the right preconditions for a good microclimate. The second yard faced north and offered a separate focus more on kids and play. The whole complex was possible to seal off using large sliding doors.