Goldfinger Retreat

Type of project: Sketch for summerhouse
Location: Island of Storholmen, close to downtown Stockholm.
Type of building: Private summer house
Size of building: 60 sqm + guesthouse 30 sqm


Description: “What would Goldfinger have done?” we asked ourselves, in response to a client’s request for a retro-futuristic retreat. A generous place to socialise with family and throw big parties for friends was to be combined with strict building regulations prescribing traditional pitched-roof houses with a maximum building size of 60 + 30 m2. Goldfinger would probably have changed the rules, but we decided to try to find a solution with the pitched roof as a starting point.

A large kitchen area, which expands out onto the terrace as folding doors are opened, functions as the centre for daytime activities. The overhanging roof provides extra protection during bad weather. At night-time, an elevated fixed sofa around an open indoor fireplace is the main focus. A large leaning window presents a panoramic view of the sea and the night sky. The sofa and the loft above the kitchen area serve as extra sleeping accommodation for overnight guests. Storage, sleeping and washing functions are packed tightly together to leave maximum space for socialising.