Shallow Bay

Type of project: Sketch
Location: Archipelago island north of Stockholm
Type of building: leisure house
Size of building: 200 sqm + 150 sqm roof covered outdoor areas


A couple living in London were aiming to establish a base on home ground in Sweden. The idea was to build something larger and more permanent on a summerhouse property they already had. A magnificent site, but again exposed to open water and persistent winds. Our concept included an upper courtyard fully protected and directly accessed from the kitchen and the private quarters. Full sea view from the section in front of the guestrooms as well as through the kitchen when stronger winds called for more cover. Facing the water, the floor drops to create greater ceiling height. Under the cantilevering roof is an outdoor as well as an indoor space, both with a central fireplace. By the water we designed a new sauna building, that would also work as extra guestroom. Up by the local gravel road we suggested a carport with storage facilities.