Villa Moelven

Type of project: Direct commission
Location: Seafront in the outskirts of Stockholm
Type of building: Private villa
Size of building:  220 sqm


Villa Moelven is cooperation between a private client and the wood company “Moelven” and several other companies. The building is a mix between private villa, showroom and representation space for sponsors involved. The client’s brief  included a fresh mix of words as labyrinthic, narrow, surprisingly, tropical and modern. Our response is an irrational building where the term entity (storhet) is reflected upon as measured in experience rather than square meters or other performance. The building floats in scale and no distinct boarders are drawn between building, room and furniture.  A number of levels, spaces and voids are generated through a three dimensional puzzle of wooden beams. In this puzzle walls, floors and ceilings are put in to generate privacy where needed.


The building was nominated for the ”House of the year Award” in Wallpaper Magazine in 2016 and has further more been portraited in numerous national and international publications as well as been the setting for TV- and Commercial productions.

Additional design team members: Ola Keijer, Martina Eriksson.
Contractor: Remus Byggentreprenad, Edvard Hatz
Images: Åke E-son Lindman