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House Boat

Type of project: Concept sketch
Location: Almost anywhere on water near the coast.
Type of building: Private house on water
Size of building: 60 sqm
Year : 2003


This sketch was done as a concept sketch for floating villas in Ryssviken in central Stockholm, where a village of floating houses was planned. Since we had no control over where these houses were to be placed and in what relationship to each other we decided to design a building that could apply and adjust to various situations. The floating platforms were fixed in measure and we suggested a smaller building mass in water level to free outdoor space. On the upper floor private rooms were given private verandas that could be sealed off with sliding doors to protect from wind or raster walls to give privacy from neighbors. The same system of exterior sliding doors was used to open or close the glassed facades of the bedrooms. On the very top was an open lookout terrace with a fixed barbeque setup.

Airport Climate Cover

Type of project: Concept sketch
Location: Bromma Airport, Stockholm
Type of building: Climat cover for passengers
Size of building:  200 m
Year : 2004



This project was developed during the  ’Arkitektstudio WRB’ era.

Villa Nilsson

Type of project: Direct commission
Location: Seafront in the outskirts of Stockholm
Type of building: Private villa
Size of building:  250 + 30 sqm
Year: 2010


Additional design team members: Daniel Johansson. This project was developed during our  ’Arkitektstudio WRB’ time period.
Images: Daniel Johansson

Villa in Moscow

Type of project: Direct commission
Location:  Moscow, Russia
Type of building: Private villa
Size of building:  250 sqm
Year completed:  2010


On a lush site situated in the western outskirts of Moscow we were asked by a Russian businessman to design a private villa. In the area previous dachas were replaced with ambitious new villas with great variation in style and success. Our site was unexploited and made up of a slope facing north. The large program contained a 20 meter indoor pool linked to a spa area as well as a generous private section for multiple family members. A home office with reception and general staff quarters were also included. We devoted a lot of thought on how to place the building without turning most of the property into a northern plot shaded by the house. We ended up with a house that leaves a large part of the southern side in direct access to the social area. Transparency through the building gives views towards the northern part of the plot. A private bedroom section was elevated as a secluded box for privacy. The interior living areas linked with open stair and indoor terracing down to spa and basement function. The lower spa area, with a large glass wall towards the daylight lit swimming pool on the entrance floor as main feature, enjoyed the view toward north. The very lowest northern part of the property we gave new improved quality by turning it into an infinity lake using the neighbor’s property boarder concrete walls.

This Ukrainian businessman contacted us to design a house for his mother on his very large estate along the Dnipr River. The plot for his mother sits on a point in the river made up from fine white sand. The possibility to freely move around and rearrange in this temporary landscape led us in to an urge to work with supporting walls as the main structural elements. A large roof slap is placed over a concentration of walls creating both indoor and protected outdoor spaces. Additional spaces have been fully integrated in the ground. Important in the clients brief was to have outdoor spaces in all directions as the wind is an issue and vary from all directions. We studied wind charts and found our layout around a + node to be a fruitful solution. Besides his mother’s secluded quarters the program also contained spaces for guests and an outdoor pool.


Additional design team members: Ola Keijer, Daniel Johansson. This project was developed during our  ’Arkitektstudio WRB’ time period.
Images: Ola Keijer

Folded House

Type of project: Private invited competition, first place
Location: Djurö east of Stockholm
Type of building: Private villa
Size of building: 300 sqm
Year : 2007


Description: The project started out as a search for a geometrical principle which could shape the indoor and outdoor spaces in accord with the site’s special qualities as well as the client’s ambitions. The light, the view and the wind on the plot were the main parameters in the model studies that followed. The result was a structure that folds and unfolds in three dimensions. It unfolds the house towards the sun and view, while folding back in other parts, enclosing internal functions. The house sits back on the site, unfolded but still private. The back of the house lies close to the adjacent steep slope, creating an intimate outdoor space composed of rocks, water and wood. On the opposite side, the house embraces the outdoor patio, which includes an infinite pool, and overlooks the seaside cabin and the rocky waterfront below.

Additional design team members: Daniel Johansson, Ola Keijer. This project was developed during the  ’Arkitektstudio WRB’ era.
Images: Daniel Johansson

Wallpaper Retreat

Type of project: Concept house designed in collaboration with Wallpaper Magazine
Location: Weed and marsh areas anywhere in the world
Type of building:  Private retreat
Size of building: 200 sqm
Year : 2000


The private retreat is a concept house designed for Wallpaper Magazine. The idea was to design a place far away from the hectic urban city – a small world of your own – a world to be isolated in. For this project, we had no particular client or location in mind. We found the seclusion we were looking for in the extensive weed and marsh areas one finds in many water systems inSweden and elsewhere. These areas often stand unused and are thought of as having little or no value to the landowners. We wanted to show that they could be transformed into housing properties with great architectural value.

The retreat is a complex made up of three volumes connected by decks. One volume stands for creating, one for resting, and one for eating, washing and dressing. The latter includes a generous sauna and pool section facing only weeds. The volume for resting is also hidden in weeds to create privacy, while the other two volumes meet open water. They connect with the outdoor deck to form one giant open living area when the folding walls are open. This automatically gives the resting volume an extra level of privacy.

Square House Oslo

Type of project: Direct commission
Location: Outside Oslo, Norway
Type of building: Private villa
Size of building:  120 sqm
Year : 2002




Goldfinger Retreat

Type of project: Sketch for summerhouse
Location: Island of Storholmen, close to downtown Stockholm.
Type of building: Private summer house
Size of building: 60 sqm + guesthouse 30 sqm


Description: “What would Goldfinger have done?” we asked ourselves, in response to a client’s request for a retro-futuristic retreat. A generous place to socialise with family and throw big parties for friends was to be combined with strict building regulations prescribing traditional pitched-roof houses with a maximum building size of 60 + 30 m2. Goldfinger would probably have changed the rules, but we decided to try to find a solution with the pitched roof as a starting point.

A large kitchen area, which expands out onto the terrace as folding doors are opened, functions as the centre for daytime activities. The overhanging roof provides extra protection during bad weather. At night-time, an elevated fixed sofa around an open indoor fireplace is the main focus. A large leaning window presents a panoramic view of the sea and the night sky. The sofa and the loft above the kitchen area serve as extra sleeping accommodation for overnight guests. Storage, sleeping and washing functions are packed tightly together to leave maximum space for socialising.